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Venue Management

Softley Events offers land and home owners an exclusive venue management service.

Designed for large, private houses and unusual venues who either already hire out their land and property for events or who are considering looking into this increasingly popular option for realising an income from their land and property, our unique service aims to relieve owners of the time consuming and often stressful job of managing and hosting events. By engaging Softley Events to manage your property, you can have the peace of mind that your interests and the interest of your clients are being looked after before and during their event.

For owners exploring the possibility of renting out their property, Softley Events will visit you at the venue and discuss the options, from legal implications and Health & Safety requirements, to revenue generation and marketing, as well as the practicalities of running events and the services we offer.

Softley Events works hand-in-hand with the venues we manage, organising site visits for interested clients and making all the arrangements for events, such as hiring caterers, sourcing marquees, etc and Softley Events always have an event manager in place during the event, to ensure it runs smoothly.

Benefits of Venue Management